At AALaser we carry a complete line of Laser systems and services to suit your needs. At the first level we offer standard platforms that can be outfitted with the appropriate wavelength to suit your needs. At this level several different models are available to match your requirements. This way we can match your requirement to the most cost effective option available, and not overkill the specification and add cost.

At the second level we offer specialty systems that are based on our standard products, this is very unique as most manufacturers have very limited capability to adapt their products to more integration, that is because they do not control all facets of their engineering as we do at AALaser. An example of this is where we may add inline web processing through the laser with inline lamination too, or have a palletized material transfer through the laser, or even inline testing prior to laser processing. By making use of our standard platforms we reduce a considerable amount of developmental and manufacturing cost while also reducing the lead time for a specialized system.

At the third level we engineer and construct fully integrated systems for your unique application. Sometimes you may require more features that our standard platforms or specialty designed platforms cannot accommodate. A large portion of our business is committed to completely integrated systems that perform many additional functions and include laser processing as well. Medical device applications have required marking and cutting as well as precision measurement, labeling, and forming from within a cell. These systems often include data collection, trend analysis, SPC, and report to online inventory and order entry systems. Often these systems are geared to a single product or product family. Other typical markets for these applications include Solar, Automotive and Aerospace.

To round out our offering we have a newly created Laser Conversion division. Realising that today’s markets can sometimes present risk in moving forward, we have added this to help our clients minimize the risk by utilizing our “Automated Job Shop” to produce initial designs and early stage production volumes. This helps our clients make decisions to procure automation for in-house manufacturing or allow us to continue with their increasing volumes with graduated cost reductions as we invest in their production to further reduce cost. This new offering reflects a wide array of services to help with product design from prototype to production. Additionally, services to build partial or fully manufactured product with procurement can be included to simplify your supply chain.