Warranty and Repairs

All Automation Alternatives equipment is warranted for a period of 12 months for parts and 90 days for labor. Certain customized equipment may have longer or special warranty terms. Extended warranty options are available.

Automation Alternatives also offers a technical support program for after warranty periods. Under this program, against an affordable annual membership fee, members benefit from unlimited access to our technical support team via phone and email communication. In addition, members will enjoy free software upgrades, discounted spare parts and hugely discounted on-site support and special rates for factory overhaul.

In addition to the on-site repairs and preventive maintenance, Automation Alternatives offers a unique and affordable factory overhaul program for older systems. As part of this service, the equipment will go through a thorough overhaul, rebuilt, test and calibration program in order to be brought up to an almost brand-new level. This program is designed to add many more years of enjoyable trouble-free and productive service to the life of the equipment.