Specialty Systems

Like our name suggests, Automation Alternatives can provide you with options to ensure that the equipment you purchase is designed to perform exactly how you need it to.   We have the expertise and experience to deliver Specialty Laser Systems or Fully Integrated Systems that can be customized to meet your specific needs at a cost that will meet your budget.

Specialty Laser Systems 

When a standard product is not sufficient, our engineering and design expertise allows us to incorporate cost-effective modifications and deliver a specialty system that performs exactly how you need it to. Most laser manufacturers won’t or simply can’t adapt their standard platforms.

An example of such a system may add inline web processing through the laser with inline lamination, or have a palletized material transfer through the laser, or even inline testing prior to laser processing. We have supplied many palletised handling systems feeding, or a Cartesian Robot that loads and unloads material to and from the laser system. Occasionally these systems have special holding fixtures with controlled motion that works in conjunction with the standard laser software for Welding, cutting or marking applications. By making use of our standard platforms we reduce a considerable amount of developmental and manufacturing cost while also reducing the lead time for your specialized system

Fully Integrated Systems

We engineer and construct fully integrated systems for your unique applications. These completely integrated systems can perform additional custom functions and tasks combined with laser processing, to deliver a complete manufacturing solution.

Often these systems are geared to a single product or product family. Specialized tooling, vision, and material handling are designed from the ground up, while we draw on our experience to bring some standard components into the system to reduce cost and development.  The end product is often developed with the machine process to optimize both the design and process.  An example includes a medical device application that cuts, measures, forms, final size, barcoded engraving, label and final inspection.

Please contact us for your specific design and process development needs.