Laser Contract Manufacturing

Automation Alternatives has been providing laser contract manufacturing almost at the same time of introducing their laser processing equipment to the market. These services cover all aspects of laser processing including cutting, marking and welding for both metallic and non-metallic materials. These have been designed to help our customers in different industries in a variety of ways, including:

  • To provide laser processing capabilities to customers who need laser processing services but cannot afford having a system of their own;
  • To allow us running samples for customers in order to help them select proper laser technology and equipment before placing an order;
  • To help customers to develop or test an idea or process before committing to any investment to acquire necessary equipment;
  • To allow customers to test the market for their new products without investing in production equipment; and
  • To help customers to produce prototypes or validate their products before committing to significant investments.

The variety of Automation Alternatives’ in-house laser processing equipment as well as knowledgeable staff allow us to offer the above services at very affordable costs, even free in certain cases.