Automation Alternatives has provided manufacturing solutions and services to a diverse customer base that spans numerous industrial and commercial sectors.   We have the expertise to design, develop and produce laser systems to meet the most complex and challenging of production operations, and have particularly deep experience in developing innovative, cost-effective machines for the following applications.

Material Processing & Industrial

In modern manufacturing where technology is continually changing and increased quality, productivity and efficiency are the keys to your success, Automation Alternatives can be a useful partner that can deliver innovative solutions for your business.  We produce lasers that serve a wide range of materials processing and industrial applications that can process metals, plastics, fabrics as well as many other challenging types of materials with different thicknesses.  Our laser machines are designed for your specific production requirements and can help you realize new manufacturing opportunities and production efficiencies.

Medical Devices

Advancements in medical device manufacturing has enabled the production of smaller and lighter medical devices and implants.  Laser systems have become essential tools in the manufacture of medical devices due to their precise material processing capabilities that fulfill the high quality requirements for clean and hygienic surfaces, free of any material residue. High quality laser markings enable companies that produce medical devices or components to easily meet regulations for Unique Device Identification (UDI) markings.

Printed Electronics

Automation Alternatives has a long, successful track record in the design and manufacture of a range of laser systems which have found application in the rapidly expanding and demanding area of printed electronics. We have developed systems that are currently being used in the production of solar cells, sensors, keyboards and touch displays.

Graphics, Signage & Displays

Successful signage companies have discovered the value of lasers in helping to grow their business. The use of laser technology in creating signage, displays and digital printing offers unbeatable advantages compared to traditional production technologies.  The versatility of Automation Alternatives laser systems to provide detailed cutting and meticulous engraving on an array of materials and surfaces, expands the capabilities of our customers to produce unique, imaginative creative that will win more accounts and keep their customers coming back.