Our Vision – to deliver superior quality, affordable manufacturing innovations

Founded in 1998, Automation Alternatives set a vision to offer quality, innovative technology that is also affordable.

A long History in Manufacturing, Engineering & Design

Guided by its vision and supported by its talented engineering team, Automation Alternatives became known for offering unique and advanced innovative solutions for a variety of industries including printed electronics, medical devices, metalwork, process instrumentation and automotive, to name a few. Since 2001, Automation Alternatives added industrial laser processing equipment to its offerings, both as stand-alone standard systems and customized systems integrated into fully automated production lines. Laser processing equipment is now our main line of business and covers a wide range of technologies from infrared to ultraviolet (UV) and from continuous wave (CW) to ultra-fast lasers.

Strong Multi-disciplinary Engineering Team

Automation Alternatives has been developing and manufacturing lasers for many years but our roots in engineering and design go back much further. The Automation Alternatives’ senior leadership team has a combined 150+ years of experience in the development and construction of manufacturing equipment.

Satisfied customers around the globe

Automation Alternatives has hundreds of installations worldwide, many of them in successful service for over a decade. Our solutions can be found in manufacturing facilities as far away as China, Singapore, Brazil or Costa Rica to those in our backyard in Toronto.

Control over all facets of the products we make

Many laser equipment manufacturers or custom integrators engage outside engineering and software firms to build a system, so the accountability for on-time delivery of an effective solution is split between multiple companies. We, on the contrary, maintain complete control over all facets of the design, production, delivery and support of our solutions and are fully responsible to our customers.

Reliable product support

Automation Alternatives provides timely, ongoing in-house technical support for all the systems we sell in order to minimize any downtime or repair. Most of our equipment have a remote communications feature to allow our technical support technicians to access the systems offsite in order to quickly diagnose and correct any issues. We also offer a comprehensive and very affordable technical support program that provides free unlimited phone and email technical support and consultation, preferred onsite support rates and discounted spare parts pricing.